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Eyeglass Frame Styles


Eyeglasses have also become quite stylish as fashion accessories, especially among fans of high end designers. Many people change their frames in the same way as shoes or handbags, with different colors and styles to match their wardrobes.

Multi-colored inlays, composite materials, designer emblems, and enhancements such as insets of precious stones may also be found in popular frame styles.

Rimless styles have become more popular in recent years as an understated way to wear eyeglasses without obvious frames. Rimless styles mainly involve attaching plastic or metal temples directly onto the lenses rather than onto a frame.

New eyeglass frame styles continually are being announced. Innovations in both construction and design include introduction of wood or bamboo in frame materials.

Women's eyeglass frames recently have included embellishments such as rhinestones, along with colorful stripes and animal skin patterns.

Eyeglass frames for men have gone retro, with a return in some styles to solid black, squared shapes.

Unisex frames for both men and women include plenty of rimless styles, which are popular as a good, generic fit for both sexes.

Kids' frames may look similar in style to those worn by adults, but are often more colorful with emphasis on durability to save parents the expense of constant replacements.




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