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From a timeless aviator look to the sophistication of new designer styles, sunglasses are as common in outdoor settings as seashells on a beach. These days, the debate among sunglass wearers focuses on protection versus style. As much as sunglasses make a fashion statement, they also serve as an important device to protect your eye's health from damaging UV rays.

  • Plano sunglasses: You can find non-prescription sunwear in a variety of frame materials, including plastic and metals such as titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel. Popular options include polarized lenses for driving and fishing or mirror coatings. Clip-on sunglasses that can be bought at the same time as your regular eyeglasses are designed for an exact match. Magnetic attachments also have greatly increased the popularity of clip-on sunglasses. When buying plano sunglasses, make sure they're optically ground and absorb 100 percent of harmful UV rays if you want the best vision and eye protection.

  • Designer sunglasses: These styles, often branded with popular names such as Armani, are generally sold in high end boutiques or department stores and tend to mimic current fashion trends.

  • Prescription sunglasses: Ideal for prescription eyeglass wearers, these eliminate the need for sun clips. Recently, prescription sunglasses have become more available in the retail marketplace.

  • Kids' sunglasses: Youngsters can achieve a trendy grown-up look in sunglasses or go for more whimsical styles, such as brightly colored, cat-eye shapes.





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