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Eyeglass Basics:


Eyeglasses may be ancient in their origins. But in many ways, they are more popular than ever, despite recent innovations in contact lenses and vision correction surgery.

Eyeglass Frame Materials

Eyeglass frame materials, too, have been revolutionized with the advent of new plastics and various types of metals. Frames generally are fabricated from plastic or metal, but can be made from any workable material. For safety glasses, you may require an extra tough plastic, such as polycarbonate. If you suffer from skin allergies you might need hypoallergenic materials such as titanium or stainless steel to avoid a skin condition known as contact dermatitis.

Some eyeglass frames have components that can be snapped into place, rather than attached by screws or other means. This type of feature can be handy if you choose to "mix and match" different colored temples with the same set of lenses.

Certain types of eyeglass frames now also are highly flexible, which reduces the possibility of breakage. Spring hinges are also flexible. These types of frames are ideal for kids' eyeglasses, because of the durability factor.

Improved designs of nose pads also contribute to comfort and the look of how eyeglasses are positioned in front of the face. New silicone nose pads, for example, can prevent "slippage" but are so lightweight and soft that they are hardly noticeable.





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