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  • High Resolution Ultrasound Biomicroscope :

VuMax II /Sonomed.Inc.
High Resolution Ultrasound Biomicroscope :

The VuMax-II, Ultrasonic Bio-Microscope takes you to another level of accuracy in high resolution, high frequency ultrasound with its unmatched image resolution and precise sulcus to sulcus and high detail angle imaging. Users can now visualize structures and mechanisms behind the Iris that cannot be seen with OCT technology.
The VuMax-II also incorporates powerful processing tools and our proprietary image
enhancing Focus Software enabling users clearer, sharper details of images previouslynot attainable.The systems is PC-based, networkable and is capable of AVI and JPEG file formats for export.
The 18.5mm x 14 mm deep scanning field captures the entire anterior
segment in one scan and provides advanced intraocular measurement capabilities.
The 45-second digital dynamic recording capability allows playback, adjustment of
Gain,TGC and Contrast, live zoom scan and isolation of a single frame for more efficient
examination and better diagnosis.
The VuMax-II comes with a lightweight, hand-held probe and three custom made
immersion cups to ensure a comfortable fit and ease of use. Non-invasive evaluations can
be preformed anywhere that the patient can be comfortably reclined.kly and easily on an Ultrasound biomicroscopy utilizes high frequency transducers to obtain high resolution. Our unit, with a 35 MHz transducer, achieves a resolution of approximately 50 microns, and has a tissue penetration of 5.0 mm. In vivo, cross-sectional or transverse images can then be obtained
detailing the cornea, iris, ciliary body, anterior chamber angle, and peripheral sclera
to demonstrate structural relationships.


Ultrasound Biomicroscope Applications

  • Glaucoma Management

  • IOL and Phakic IOL Lens Implantation

  • Accomodative IOL

  • High Resolution Imaging of Anterior Segment

  • B-Scan Imaging of Posterior Segment

Normal Eye Normal Eye UBM Image


Angle-Closure Glaucoma

Pupillary block
Before and after laser iridotomy
Dark room provocative testing
Plateau iris
Iris cysts and tumors


Pigment Dispersion Syndrome and Pigmentary Glaucoma

Before and after laser iridotomy
Before and during accommodation Concave Iris Configuration in Pigment Dispersion Syndrome



Ocular Trauma Cyclodialysis cleft ,Angle recession


Intraocular Lens Position

Capsular bag fixation

Sulcus fixation

Malpositioned IOL


Failing Filtering Blebs

Functioning blebs

Four sites of obstruction to outflow

The VuMax Ultrasound Biomicroscope can display and capture the entire anterior segment in motion, helping surgeons to visualize and better understand lens placement and dynamic movement. These motion clips can be reviewed frame by frame in high detail, providing an invaluable analysis tool.


Accommodation and Iris Configuration



An increase in the iris concavity can be induced during accommodation (right) when compared to the non-accommodative state (left).




LS 900 for IOL Calculation







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